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Bryce Henson's Podcast

Mar 7, 2022

What if you woke up tomorrow unafraid of failure? What if someone told you failure is the secret to success? Ask any successful individual, and they're likely to tell you their most significant accomplishments came from failing. Their success came from realizing that failure is not the end. It's simply the beginning of the next attempt. 

In today's Fitness Franchise Podcast, Bryce Henson speaks with Fernando Bonato, founder of Double Win Consulting, a marketing agency helping brick and mortar businesses dominate their local market. 

Fernando is also a former business coach who helped take Fit Body from a licensing program to a franchise system, helped successfully open over 150 locations, and managed the Fit Body Mastermind for new franchisees. 

He shares his professional insight into the world of digital marketing, what to look for in a marketing team, why success is on the other side of failure, and so much more. 

"If you want longevity, if you want to market your business for the long haul, for years to come, you have to pace yourself and learn about your audience." -Fernando Bonato

Here's what you don't want to miss:

2:45 Immigrating to the US and chasing the American Dream
10:00 Developing a franchise model and open new locations
15:25 Being a high performer and stepping up as a leader
20:39 Outsourcing your marketing team and generating more leads
25:25 Finding the right marketing advice and playing the long game
28:05 The marketing tactics that work and split testing your ideas
31:22 The complexity of digital marketing and hiring a team
36:00 Marketing concepts and making sense of the data
40:30 The stoic philosophy and searching for timeless wisdom 
44:30 Preparing for failure and how action alleviates anxiety
48:19 The pitfalls of routine and the power of personal development 

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